Sunday, July 20, 2008

Paint the Cabin

It was Jim's idea to take the Fourth of July weekend and spend it painting the cabin. I'll have to admit it needed it. The last time we painted it was 1993. Jim and I had gone there last winter to paint but it turned out to be too cold for the paint to stick and too cold for us to stick with it. This time, we brought Linda, Marilyn, Jay, and Ann to get the job done. We began scraping the old flaking paint. After about an hour, we noticed the women were gone. We found them inside watching a movie Linda brought with her. Realizing we going to have labor issues, we rented a power washer from the local Home Depot store.
We still hadn't decided on color although this had been a topic for years. My parents had always had the cabin painted a mint green color. In fact, they painted all their houses mint green. Although it's not a bad color, it was unanimous that it won't be that color again.
Shortly before lunch on Saturday,we were all on the south side with elbows, rollers, and brushes swinging when Ann looked behind her and quietly said to Marilyn "there's a bear". We all looked back and less than 100 feet from us was a brown bear lazily scratching its side on a tree trunk watching us paint. Linda and I scrambled inside for the cameras. By the time we got back outside and shot, the bear was ambling off back into the woods.
Although I had my doubts we could get the job done in three days, we did (for the most part). Everybody is happy with the color. On the way home Ann told me that she and Jay were talking and decided not to let the cabin go so long before it's painted again. They decided they would do it again in eight years. I told her I would mark that in my calendar. How little the younger generation knows about the mystical relationship between painting and procrastination.


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