Sunday, March 30, 2008

Triple Play Birthday

Usually we combine Carol's and Marilyn's birthday celebrations since they are close together. This year we made it a triple play by including Steve's birthday which is April 1. This year was a milestone for Carol and Steve as they both turned 30. It was also a milestone for Marilyn who turned 30+. Marilyn didn't buy a cake this year because there's always so much left over that nobody eats. She purchased three extra large cupcakes or three really small cakes. I don't know what the official term for them is. When I first saw them with lime green frosting piled an inch thick on each one, I asked Marilyn if they were left over from St. Patrick's Day. She said "No, don't you see the colored jelly beans on them. These are Easter cakes". To those with a vivid imagination, I guess they were Easter cakes. In the end, it didn't really matter since we were celebrating birthdays. I didn't ask her why she didn't buy birthday cakes. I know when to stop asking questions. At least its a step up from last year's bowling theme cake, but that was a last minute purchase. These cakes were thought out.

With nice weather, we celebrated by the pool. The candles were lit and wishes made. In unison the three celebrants blew out their candles.
One lone candle on Steve's cake came to life again. After 30 years, I don't think trick candles surprise him anymore but we still put them on the cake. No matter how old he gets, he will always be an April Fools baby.
A pleasant evening under a full moon with a gentle fire showed me one thing. After dark, that green frosting doesn't look bad at all.


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