Sunday, September 30, 2007


For years, when traveling to San Diego, I've passed by Dateland but never stopped. Dateland lies halfway between Phoenix and Yuma and claims to be the home of world famous date shakes. Since not much else lies between Phoenix and Yuma, if you see something, it's probably Dateland. You really can't miss it if you watch for the giant billboard proclaiming "World Famous Date Shakes and Shaded Pet Facilities". Shaded pet facilities means that, after you park, your dog can get out and crawl under your car. On our way back from San Diego, Marilyn and I decided to stop and sample a world famous date shake. We pulled in and parked at the Dateland gift shop/restaurant complex.
Inside the restaurant we found a turquoise decor that was a throwback to the 60's yet clean and fresh. We both decided to have a chef salad (also a 60's delicacy). The salads were good and the price was right. This place was a gem in the middle of nowhere. From now on we're going to stop by every time we pass.

When we were done eating, I ordered a date shake for the road. I have to say it was the best date shake I ever had. They also have other flavors of shakes, but none are world famous.


Blogger Jacque said...

Yayy, good job taking a break from work and going on vacation John! I'm glad to hear that Marilyn is in remission now. Next time I travel that way, I am going to stop and try one of those shakes...not surprised that you got 2 of them! :)

~Jacque (Jack-que-e)

4:33 PM  
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