Saturday, March 31, 2007

Best Birthday Party Ever

After six days in the hospital, Marilyn was glad to get home. Steve and Carol were in town and came over late that afternoon. A short while later Ann also made an appearance. As the sun set, we moved outside to sit by the pool. Marilyn was concerned that we had missed celebrating hers and Carol's birthday and may miss Steve's which was a week away. With her uncertain medical schedule she didn't know when we would celebrate so she called for an impromptu party right then. Carol and Ann bounded off to the store for cake and ice cream. Steve started a fire in the fire pit. Carol and Ann returned shortly with a cake and ice cream. The cake was decorated in a bowling theme with a ball striking ten pins. None of us bowl, but it at least said happy birthday and was globbed with that special birthday frosting made of a mixture of sugar and petroleum byproducts.
Carol and Ann placed and lit candles representing the three life milestones. We sang the "special" birthday song and the three blew out their candles.....almost.

I thought this year would be different for Steve. For 28 consecutive birthdays he failed to extinguish all his candles. Well, make that 29 consecutive birthdays now. One lone candle re-ignited causing Steve to pause and consider the lifetime implications of being an April Fool's baby.

With cake and ice cream tucked away, Carol entertained us by demonstrating how she can actually see around rope. Steve stoked the fire pit with wood keeping the warm glow alive. I mentioned I had a lot of cardboard boxes to burn. Marilyn and I usually sit by the fire and toss pieces of cardboard in to keep the blaze alive. I failed to impart the "pieces" concept to Steve who put entire boxes in the fire. It reminded me of the Hindenburg diaster as flames burst into the night.

With no presents, a bowling cake, and cardboard ash in our hair we called it a night for our quickie 3 in 1 birthday celebration. Marilyn commented to me that it was the best birthday party ever.


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