Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

Another Thanksgiving finds the family gathering at our house for dinner. We stretched our furniture resources to the limit but managed to pull together enough tables and chairs to seat 14. Finding that our silverware set lacked the pieces we remember having, we placed two different sets on the table. Marilyn suspects Ann may be in possession. Ann is the usual suspect when we find missing plates, glasses, silverware, or other kitchen utensils that we know we have. Ann always denies it.

For the past two years we've bought small pre-cooked turkeys. Our oven is so small that only one small bird fits. This year we relied on the gas grill outside to heat the other along with a ham. Although the turkey simmered in the grill for over two hours, while carving, I ran across a small hard object in the center of the turkey. It was a chunk of ice the size of an egg. Either the turkey wasn't fully thawed which I claim or the grill wasn't hot enough which Marilyn claims. In either case, It was pre-cooked and we have a microwave - problem solved.

Looks good from the outside anyway

As usual, dinner consisted of catching up on what we're all doing, social commentary, and technical debate. Topics this Thanksgiving included automatic tire pressure monitoring, joining the army, rebuilding DeLorians, what color to paint the cabin, Christmas wish lists, immigration, espresso makers, GPS locating, what the government should be doing, and failed attempts to corner the hot dog market in Flagstaff. Of course, these were only the conversations I heard.

Uncle Jim imparts worldly wisdom

Pictures were snapped recording the 7th Thanksgiving of the millennium. Leftover food and good wishes departed with each family member.

Although the next generation smiles now, the day is coming soon when they will be pulling ice balls from the heart of their Thanksgiving turkey.

I'm relying on these people to keep social security alive


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