Saturday, June 10, 2006

Discount Zoo Night

During the summer, the Phoenix Zoo drops admission to $3 after 6 P.M. on Friday nights. Marilyn and I decided to take advantage of this bargain last night. The sun was setting as we entered the main gate. The temperature had dropped to the low 100's.

We wanted to see the monkeys first. Monkeys are like people that don't have to pay taxes or wear clothes and get to live trees and throw poop at each other without social repercussions. Who wouldn't want to make that their first stop. Arriving at the orangutan habitat, there has a sign saying "orangutan bedtime 7:00PM" It was after seven so he was already snuggled up in his little monkey bed. We thought we heard snoring but it was only my stomach. Arriving at "Monkey Village" there were three small monkeys wondering around in trees. The rest of the village was probably inside sipping ice teas and replying to one another occassionally, "but it's a dry heat".

It was dark by the time we got to the zebras. A zoo employee threw hay out and flashes fired. It probably reminded the zebras of home on the African plains when lightning would strike them.

The "Arizona Trail" yielded few wildlife sightings. We saw javelina standing around and a caught a brief glimpse of a kuwadi as it went from hiding behind a stump to hiding in its cave. Most native Arizona animals are nocturnal so they're out at night. But here's the thing, it's dark at night and you can't see them.

Walking back to the car, Marilyn and I debated the value of our discount sojourn into the wild kingdom. All in all, it was worth the $3 admission.