Saturday, September 09, 2006

Don't Rock the Boat

Marilyn and I spent the Labor Day weekend at the cabin. We were hoping to see "Ronnie and the Classics" at the Hon Dah Casino. They've performed there the past two years on Labor Day. This year the "BB Drifters Review" was performing in the lounge. They weren't bad, but they're no "Ronnie and the Classics". The entertainment is free and the drinks are cheap so you can't go too far wrong no matter who's performing.

Ronnie and the Classics

The next day, we drove over to Show Low Lake. We hadn't been there for a few years. The last time, we rented an electric boat and peacefully toured the lake. We were disappointed to find that the electric boats were gone. The attendant told us they got rid of them because in a strong wind, people couldn't get back to the dock. All the gas powered boats
were rented out, but they did have one canoe. We took it. I hope a strong wind doesn't come up.

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