Sunday, September 10, 2006

I Want Yummy Goldfish

The battle between man and nature continues. A neigbor tipped me off that trouble was in the air after she suffered an attack on her prized Koi by an unidentified predator. I immediatley threw the wire mesh over my pond. In the past, attacks on my goldfish came in the spring and I keep the mesh on during that time. This is late summer. The next morning, glancing out on the patio, this is what I saw.

hmmm, plump and gold, just the way I like them

Only feet from the pond, he was making his breakfast selection. Marilyn and I had glimpsed him before but I never had time to photograph the culprit.

I wonder if my head will fit through that mesh?

After a few shots through the door, I stepped out on the patio. He just looked at me and slowly moved away.

I'll just walk around the pool until he goes back in.

This was one brazen bird (or really, really hungry). We continued the photo shoot for another minute or two until he figured he might have better luck at the neigbor's pond.

I'm outta here