Saturday, March 08, 2008

Stuff On My Cat

I can't remember when I started putting stuff on my cat because it wasn't a big deal. You're watching TV, a cat is curled up next to you, and you have a can in your hand. For me, the natural human response to this situation is to put the can on the cat's head and see if you can balance it there. I've been doing this for years. If I didn't have a can, it would be something else. TV remotes are always handy.
Marilyn discourages me from putting stuff on the cats. She says it makes them feel humiliated and they only tolerate it because they are trying to please me. Cats trying to please me? Give me a break! The last thing these cats do is try to please me. I think zoologists around the world would agree with me that the common house cat is without a doubt the laziest animal on the planet. Laziness is the reason they allow things to be piled on them. As long as there is no pain involved, it's less trouble for a cat to sit next to you with three cans balanced on its head than to get up and walk out of arm's reach.
Last year Ann gave me a calendar. It was a "Stuff on my Cat" calendar. I found out it's not just me. There are thousands of people out there who put stuff on their cats. There's even a website
Putting stuff on your cat gives an added dimension of pet enjoyment. If it weren't for putting stuff on your cat, the only bonding most cat owners would experience would be watching their cat sleep all day.


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