Sunday, July 13, 2008

One Day Away

Steve and Carol were getting married in the high forests north of Flagstaff. Marilyn and I drove up to Flagstaff the day before the wedding. Shortly before reaching the hotel, a spatter of rain hit the windshield. Dark clouds covered the northern sky. The wedding was tomorrow, outside, in the woods and there was no backup plan. The rain stopped as quickly as it began as we arrived at the hotel. Steve already told us that yesterday he had to change location since the caterer decided the truck couldn't go back into their original site. Steve had to call all the vendors and get word out to the guests to tell them the wedding wasn't where they thought it would be. He also had to find a new location and get forest permits. After checking in, we contacted Steve and drove out to the site. There was only three miles of dirt road once we left the highway.
A giant white tent against the forest green told us we had reached the spot. Dark clouds still loomed over the San Francisco peaks.

Steve took Marilyn and me to the site where the ceremony would take place. It was an open meadow, through some aspens, a short walk from the tent.

Suzy had been camped out for the past four days in her RV which served as a mobile command post. Of course, the entire operation had to be moved from the original site to here yesterday, but she appeared settled in.
There was still a lot to do in setting up the reception area under the tent. I helped Steve hang some lights he purchased while David ran his weed whacker around the area cutting the prairie grass down to wedding size. A little while later some of Steve's friends showed up with cases of beer and liquor.
Members of the "Patriotic Canine Patrol" supervised the activities.
Tomorrow's the day.


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