Monday, October 29, 2007

Saguaro Lake Lunch

With Fall in the air, Marilyn and I took a drive to Saguaro Lake. It's been nearly 40 years since we drove up the road along the Salt River. It's paved now and a lot more pleasant than the dusty washboard we used to drive to go tubing in the river. Back then, we didn't see a problem with sitting in a tube on open water for four hours. No one told us that cosmic rays were eating away at our skin and that in 40 years every funny looking spot on our skin would be cause for concern. I don't think sun screen had even been invented then. Ignorance was bliss back then and we did have great tans.

The restaurant overlooks the lake. From the parking lot we could see the happy diners on the patio
The waitress had a table outside for us. As we passed through the inside dining area, I noted that not single person was eating inside. The windless, warm day and spectacular view was just too much.
They weren't lickety split on bringing our order out but it didn't matter.
After a leisurely lunch, we strolled down to the docks. A tour boat, the Desert Belle, was loaded and casting off. I asked if we were to late for the trip. The captain said "no, not if you have cash". I did and we boarded.
The Desert Belle is a small boat decked out like a Mississippi paddle wheel river boat. It's not propelled by the paddle wheel. The paddle wheel is turned by the movement of the boat through the water but it looked like it hadn't been lubricated for some time so it would turn a while and then stop and drag through the water for while. Not authentic at all.
The boat went several miles up the lake and back. This was billed as a guided tour but the guiding over the loudspeaker was sparse and consisted of an occasional "hey, everybody, look over there. There's a bird".
Since we weren't out to learn about Arizona flora and fauna we didn't miss the tour shtick. As the boat wound its way up the canyon, Marilyn would shift her position under the canopy to stay in the shade and avoid direct sunlight. It's a little late for that tuber girl.