Sunday, January 28, 2007

Expectation and Surprise

The Christmas season is filled with anticiption of good things to come when Saint Nick delivers his gifts. Some gifts are expected, some a complete surprise. This Christmas, Steve achieved both expectation and surprise with his gift to Carol.

Carol's family opened gifts early this year to accomodate work schedules. Suzi invited us and Ann for dinner. Carol's brother and sisters were in town along with Steve and Carol. Although some expected a "big event", I didn't. I didn't even take my camera. In fact, when dinner was delayed an hour or so and Ann had other commitments, I told her to go ahead with them and drop by if she could. Somehow she and Steve made contact and he convinced her to show.

After dinner, we moved to the livng room for gift opening. With wrapping covering the floor, and all gifts opened, people began to disperse. Sensing that bringing them together again would be like herding cats, Steve made his move. He asked Carol to marry him and presented her with a ring. Steve had been able to pull both families together at one time and one place for this occasion without tipping his hand.

To me, it was a lot like a giant asteroid hitting the earth and destroying everything. It's happened before and we expect it to happen again some day, but boy, will we be surprised when it does. By the way, many thought the asteroid would hit the earth before the proposal happened.

Congratulations, Steve and Carol. (good work on beating the asteroid, Steve) Steve pops the question