Friday, June 22, 2007

Jumbo Remote

Killing time in Walgreens waiting for a prescription, I came across the TV remote of my dreams. This was the kind of remote that wasn't going to get lost between the couch cushions. This was the kind of remote you don't need glasses to read. This was the kind of remote you could operate with your elbow. This was the Jumbo Universal Remote. For the most part I can't read the buttons on the rest of my remotes. Not only is the lettering small, but manufacturers tend to use button color combinations such as dark gray on black. Since buttons are small on most remotes, instead of words, function symbols are used that often require reference to the Rosetta Stone to interpret. Below, if you look carefully, you can see the subtle differences between the Jumbo Universal Remote and some of my other remotes.

Dwight particularly likes the paw sized buttons and can now tune in to "Animal Planet" any time he pleases.