Saturday, March 31, 2007

Like Cats and Dogs

Steve had a theory. If Piggy the dog who had never injured any animal and Dwight the cat who had never had contact with a dog could be introduced in amicable conditions, then the two would bond and be life time pals.

Let's see how this goes.

Steve entered the garage where Carol and Piggy waited. Seeing Piggy, Dwight went for high ground fast which happened to be Steve's head.
Bending over Steve moved Dwight closer to Piggy for formal introductions.

Piggy jumped, slobbered and tugged at her leash at the sight of Dwight. Dwight dug claws deeper into Steve's back as he stared down the jaws of death.

Steve attempted to reason with Piggy while Dwight clung to his shoulder.

Carol took her turn too at developing cat scratch fever. Don't worry Carol, I'm sure the lacerations will heal before the wedding.

This noble experiment turned out as I expected. Steve should have known this would happen. Had he spent more time studying in school and less time at Taco Bell, he might have read the teachings of Aristotle who millenia ago performed this very experiment. At the end of the experiment he proclaimed his conclusions which loosely translated from the ancient Greek were "Ouch! get this damn cat off my head". Words of wisdom from the ancients. If ancient wisdom wasn't enough, just fill in the rest of this phrase: fighting like ___ and ____. I'll give you a clue. It's not Pelicans and Sheep.


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