Sunday, March 19, 2006

Teradachtyls and Goldfish

Yesterday I went out to feed the goldfish. Huddled together at the bottom of the pond, they made no attempt to chow down. A couple of glistening gold scales at the bottom caught my eye. On closer examination, I noticed two vertical scrapes on both sides of one fish. It looked like another hit on the pond by creatures unknown. I went in and told Marilyn it appeared there had been another attack on our golden pets and they were traumatized. Within ten minutes I heard Marilyn screaming "it's back, it's back"! As we both ran to the patio, a giant bird like creature perched atop our pool umbrella but took off again as we emerged from the house waving our arms. This has happened before, but only one other time have I seen the culprit. It's big, it's gray, and it's a waterfowl. It might be a Pelican, Crane, or a Heron but to me it looks a lot like a Teradactyl. These avian terrors seem to show up in March or April. I usually put a screen over the pond but hadn't this year. It's in place now.

But here's the thing, We live in a desert. My house is in a sea of similar houses. Waterfowl should be where the water is, a lake or river. That's why God called them waterfowl. On the other hand, I guess the reason Teradactyls survived and evolved into big gray birds soaring over my house was that over millions of years they could always find food no matter where they were. I know it's not due to opposable thumbs.

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